Wilbert Berthaud Jr.

has resided in Boston for 20 years. He attended the University of Dartmouth where he pursued a degree in Computer Science. After much thought and consideration, he decided that acting was his true passion.

Upon leaving school, Berthaud Co-Founded Teamwork Productions and began landing roles in several independent films as well as a series regular in multiple network series. In his downtime, Berthaud studied the art of Tae-kwon-do which became an indispensible tool in the making of his first feature film later on.

As the Co-Owner of Teamwork Productions, Berthaud oversees the day to day operations as well as writing and directing. He has just completed his directorial debut for the award winning feature film titled Underground, currently in its final stages of distribution.

Berthaud has currently written three screenplays; one has been produced, one is in pre-production, and the third is on hold.

Jenny Lima

was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. After attending the University of Connecticut for 2 years as a Physical Therapist major, . she decided to transfer to the University of Massachusetts to pursue a degree in Marketing, where she received her Bachelor's Degree

Lima is the Co-Founder of Teamwork Productions. During the making of Teamwork Productions's first feature film, both Lima and Berthaud took on numerous job titles.

Upon completion, Lima used her marketing background to devise an effective advertising campaign; by implementing guerilla marketing tactics, traditional and direct advertising, as well as social media, Lima was able to reach our targeted audience.

Lima is currently working on pre-production of Teamwork Productions's latest project.

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